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  • Increase per-pupil expenditure

  • Ensure educational equity

  • Reduce class size

As a Haverhill High School graduate, class president, and a Teach For America alum, and now as an education advocate, I’ve prided myself in working towards the betterment of education policy for over a decade.


  • Improve city zoning

  • Advocate for affordable housing

  • Increase senior housing

My family was able to move to Haverhill from two different communities because it was an affordable place to start a family. As rent prices have gone up, that dream is slipping away from other families like mine.

Public Safety

  • Address rise of gang violence

  • Increase police staffing

  • Increase fire dept. staffing

People in Haverhill need to feel safe; public safety is one of government’s basic functions. In Haverhill we’ve had recent downticks in crime over all, but gang violence is up in and as a city, we can do better.

Ward Council Seats

  • Guarantee local accountability

  • Ensure every neighborhood is represented

  • Better representation means better government

Haverhill should guarantee ward -- every neighborhood -- has a seat at the table. Haverhill is 35 square miles and has over 400 road miles. We need to ensure that no matter where you live in Haverhill, your voice is always heard.

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